...advanced dreams

16 September 2005


Who was on Adriatic sea this summer? Please, raise your hand.

I'm waiting...

Allright. No one.

Let me tell you what was wheater like. We had pretty much sunny July, but in July most of people are still working. So, that leaves us August. August was one rainy day after another. We had so bad weather that some turstis went back home. We are talking about people who did few thousands kilometers to be on a sunny beach. But no, weather killed that spirit. Just to make sure all turists go home, weather played a litlle sick game called - twister. Island called Murter was hit by this wicked sense of humor. Wind was so strong that it lift 2 tons heavy store and throw it 20 meters away. With a girl inside it. Watermelons, fruit that never leaves dirt, finally end up in air, with all "regular" fruit - they got air borned :). While this all was funny and a bit dangerous (imagine your self instead of that girl in store), costs was big. Lots of houses got flooded by rain, people in panic were trying to find their kids (this storm happend in 5 minutes, out of the sunny day) and some roofs were damaged. Now, picture this. Twister vent right trough autocamp! I mean, they have rough time without nasty weather. But, this? Guess how many of them found their tent after searching all over the hill. I can imagine those Checzs... You know, they allways bring everthing on the beach. They even pump those litlle gizmo toys at home and cary them to beach. Now, all that was flying away from them. By the way, Checzs on Adriatic sea is another stroy which I might tell you one time.

So, why am I takling to you all this? Cause today, 16. of September is freaking HOT! Why now?! I have to study for exams nad there is no could in sky. WHY?! Why wasn't weather like this in August? :/