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16 September 2005

Ubuntu - what's up with that?!

Lots of geeks are talking about it. But, what's more interesting, lots of no-geeks are talking about it. So, what is it? Is it good?

Did you ever get that feeling that something is... Hm, just right? Did you ever try some shooes or a t-shirt and said "That's it!"? You know that feeling, when you are so darn happy. Well, like those shooes for your feet, Ubuntu is just right for your computer. No, stop! Don't go away! This isn't one of those geeky talks. I'm not going to compare it to some other programs or something. I just want to share my satisfaction with you. People, this is great. This little CD can make you so happy about your self that you will wonder why didn't this happend sooner. It's not flawless, it's not ideal, but it's perfect! I will not give you links to it, I will not tell you to use it. I am happy with my laptop runing Ubuntu and if you want to try it, you will find it on the Internet.