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02 April 2007

What a week!

It started at Friday. Chris from Canonical and Anthony from Kubuntu came to Zagreb on Ubuntu conference. We did last preparations of conference for Saturday and went to home/rooms to get some sleep/finish presentations :).

I was hoping to get 100 people to conference. It was more than that! At some point it was more than 150 people in there! This is a great success for Linux in Croatia and this is only our first step! (We have couple of surprises ready for Croatia and Ubuntu, but I'll talk about that in couple of weeks ;)

All talks were great and there were lots of questions. On the same day, right after the conference ended, on national television's teletext economic page, there was a big article about the conference, Ubuntu and Canonical.

We recorded stream and took some pictures. So, expect pictures and videos from conference during this week.

After the conference we visited local pubs, caffe bars, dance flors, sandwich bars and taxi service :)

Thank you all! Special thanks goes to Anthony, Chris, the hotel and the Croatian Ubuntu community. I hope everyone was satisfied and I can only promise: 'We will do it again, next year!'.