...advanced dreams

27 October 2005


I tought about it for a long time, but I knew I can't do it by my self. It was luck that three people contacted me about same thing in one week. 4 people could do it, yes...
And we DID IT!
On October, 25., Croatian Ubuntu LoCo team was scheduled for a Community Council. 4 brave people took the stand and decided to fix lots of broken Croatian translations and translate new apps. We wanted to create even more; web protal, with wiki and mailing lists, forums and informations.
And we DID IT!
Many thanks goes to CC and Matthias for translating ubuntu-hr.org domain to us. Thank you!
We wanted to provide informations as soon as possible, we wanted to attract people as much as we can.
And we DID IT!
In less then 24 hours we doubled our mailing list subscribers - ATM the number is 9. Yeah, the number is small, but the thing is...
We didn't even start!