...advanced dreams

27 April 2006


So, CUPS in upcoming Dapper has few problems. Nothing scary and will be fixed before release. Actually, it's share of bugs is same as of other services. I noticed bugs in CUPS cause I spent some time on it in last few days. But Dapper's CUPS bugs are nothing compared to bugs in OSX (notice how dapper is still under development, and OSX had it's share of versions).

People that do Linux distributions noticed that CUPS comes with program by the name 'enable'. Purpose of this program is to start stopped printer. And, cause there is allready 'enable' 'program', they renamed it to 'cupsenable'. Guys at Apple didn't catch this one :) Or, at least, they didn't provide their version of 'enable' anywhere under $PATH. So, you can enable your printer in CUPS via web interface. Not. Remeber? sudo? OK, you can enable it after 10+ clicks on too-ugly Aqua (yes, I consider Aqua ugly and user unfriendly). Of course, there was that /ipp, /printers problem in earlier versions of 'Apple's' CUPS, but it looks they figured this one out eventually.

Co-worker of mine got 'broken' Windows computer. He needed to recover some files from EFS crypted directory in WindowsXP (user doesn't remeber what was her password). He spent 2 hours looking for decrypter. I said to him that's impossible task. But he was conviced he can decrypt it. EFS is, at microsoft.com, described with epitets like 'Any individual or program that doesn't possess the appropriate cryptographic key cannot read the encrypted data. Encrypted files can be protected even from those who gain physical possession of the computer that the files reside on.'

After less than 5 minutes, he recovered all the data? How? Well, EFS is everything but crypted file system :). Actually, there are free (beer) and low-cost tools that recover 'crypted' data without password and without use of processor. Actually, EFS is crypted FS only for Windows Explorer. My guess is that Total Commander, Ubuntu Live and any other non-Windows-Explorer-tool can read it to, but I didn't try it.

I have to say that I didn't try this yet (lack of Windows around), but there is no reason not to belive him :).