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01 May 2006

PPP - Projekt Pametni Patak

Projekt Pametni Patak is rough translation of Project Dapper Drake in Croatian language. Goal of this project, which starts on 2006/05/05 and ends on 2006/05/19 is to translate Dapper as much as it's possible. Yes, there is a catch. This isn't just translation marathon. We will award 5 best translators with cca 70€. We addressed to local Linux community, since ubuntu-hr team isn't big enough for this big project.

All translators will have to subscribe to launchpad to be able to translate. Yes, they will not have direct access to translation. They will create only suggestions (thanks LP team for this great feature) which will then come in hands of a ubuntu-hr team. We will review every string and make corrections if needed. This way translation becomes open source, like software development. Many eyes will catch up more errors than one single translator.

After the 2-week marathon, we will all gather in some pub in Zagreb where all acters of this project will be awarded with at least one free (as in beer) beer :) I'm really looking forward to this project!

Local company REI and my self are assuring all the needed founding for this project.