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14 December 2007

Active Directory, Exchange and *weird* stuff

I just converted one company to full Ubuntu solution. They have shared address books, tasks, calendars and stuff like that. Right, something that's called Exchange in Windows world.

Cory, you are right. Stuff like Exchange and AD are stuff where Windows is still beating open source solutions. And there are more than one reason why this is so. First, (the wired part from subject) is that one great collaboration suite, Zimbra, doesn't have proper support for open source clients, like Evolution. Evolution just doesn't work with Zimbra - I think it would be safe to say 'at all'. Right, Zimbra does offer great web client, but it should work with evolution if we want to provide full open source solutions. It's just too bad that it works with Outlook, but not with Evolution. (yeah, Evolution needs complete rewrite too :)

The company from the beginning at the moment uses Zimbra's web client, but no one would be more happy than me if they would be able to use Evolution or some other tool for that.

The ultimate achievement would be when Canonical finally creates an Active Directory-like system to integrate its server OS and desktop OS into a single, manageable environment.

Relax, Ubuntu 8.04 isn't that far away :)

P.S. There's more than Canonical behind Ubuntu.