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27 October 2005


I tought about it for a long time, but I knew I can't do it by my self. It was luck that three people contacted me about same thing in one week. 4 people could do it, yes...
And we DID IT!
On October, 25., Croatian Ubuntu LoCo team was scheduled for a Community Council. 4 brave people took the stand and decided to fix lots of broken Croatian translations and translate new apps. We wanted to create even more; web protal, with wiki and mailing lists, forums and informations.
And we DID IT!
Many thanks goes to CC and Matthias for translating ubuntu-hr.org domain to us. Thank you!
We wanted to provide informations as soon as possible, we wanted to attract people as much as we can.
And we DID IT!
In less then 24 hours we doubled our mailing list subscribers - ATM the number is 9. Yeah, the number is small, but the thing is...
We didn't even start!

25 October 2005

Burton Canyon 163

My new board! ROCKING!!! :)

12 October 2005

God, help us!

Today I installed brand new file server for one of my clients. They were all using Apple's OSX Tiger operating system. My file server was based on Linux with Samba, as a file service application. Since I had good experience with Apple's operating systems, I was pretty sure it will work out as planed. But... It didn't. OSX's Finder crashed whenever I tried to connect to Samba's share. It worked on Windows. It worked on Linux. After jumping around the server and clients I found out (thanks Google!) that Apple broken SMB protocol in it's operating system.

There is no way to connect Tiger with Samba on Linux. No way!

So I had to set up netatalk enviorment for those clients to be able to share their data with Windows users. Who will pay for that? My client, of course. Why? Cause Apple is such a dic****ead company. Funny (it's scary, but let's leave it this way) thing is that Apple uses that same Samba on their clients. Why did they do that?! They are hurting their own users!!! Not me, not Linux or Windows users, but their, OSX users.

Thank you Apple (sic)!

And what about good old Microsoft? They had funniest stoyy these days. It turns out that not single MS Office user wants support for OpenDocument. What a lie! Not one, but almost all Office users want their documents to be readable by any other users that doesn't have MS Office. All their users want their new MS Office document to be readable by old MS Office applications. Do they give that to their users?! No! They are too hurting their own users, too! Same as Apple. But, in the same time they say that 12.000 users per month asks for PDF support. You got to be kidding me, right? 12.000 people per month doesn't know what is PDF.

Microsoft and PDF? Tell that sick lie to someone else!

So, yes, I'm frustrated! Both of these companys make their own users feel bad. Both of these companys don't care for their users. Both of these comapanys are after the money. Only money. We need open document formats and open protocol! Why? Cause that's only way we can communicate together. Look at cars! Look at everything around you. Everything is standardized. So, you can buy a car tire in USA, bring it to Russia and you will be able to mount in on your car. You can buy laptop in USA and bring it to France and it will work. You can do everything everywhere and IT WILL WORK! And what about computers? You create simple text in MS Office and you can't bring it anywhere, but on MS Office. Is that right way to do things?! NO! Right way is to write your document and bring to to any other Office suite and it should work!

If communism is bad, why does Microsoft force all it users to use only their products? If communism is bad, why do we all have to think like Microsoft? Isn't that communism, after all? For all the people to think/work the same. are Apple and Microsoft communism companys?!

So, as you can see, World will not benefit if Apple takes over Microsoft domination. It will be same bad old habbit, if not even worse. Since, Apple's OS works only on Apple's hardware? People! Wake up! Do we really want this?!

Since I do agree that some people like Windows and OSX I don't want them to give up their OS. If i like Linux, and my friend FreeBSD, our parents OSX, and Windows in our company, then we should be able to communicate together and exchange data/information. Don't you think that's the right way to do? For that we need open documents and open formats. It's not good thing to do. It's the only thing to do!

We demand from Microsoft and Apple to use only open documents and open protocol! If that doesn't happen soon, we will boycott their products and advise our customers to use other operating systems and other applications!