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28 June 2007

You can buy Ubuntu computers in Croatia!

I'm happy to announce that one of the biggest OEMs in Croatia is offering computers with Ubuntu preinstalled. Check it out at HGspot.

Thanks to HGspot, ubuntu-hr.org and everyone else involved in this success.

08 June 2007

War is over

War is over. Microsoft will not attack Linux or it's users any more. Linux isn't cancer and it isn't communist product for couple of months now. I think this is history.

Now it's time for the real battle; Microsoft vs. Linux companies.

I expect Microsoft's Linux distribution by the end of 2010 (maybe even sooner), and then I expect Novell will die (we will see if they will be first to fall). Microsoft is company which exist only cause of money. They don't care were the money comes from. Linux, Windows, selling shoes? It isn't important. They figured out that, if they continue FUDing Linux, they will only loose. They still can loose, but not without a fight.

FUD will not stop, it will be directed at companies, not technology. Start collecting ammo and weapons, big battles are coming.

05 June 2007

Do you feel that too?

Today I was at my friend's workplace. He's using Vista. I didn't rumble about Linux, but I couldn't not notice one operation. He drag and drop a file from desktop on to recycle bin. The amount of time needed for this operation to complete was enough for me to start thinking 'Does Recycle Bin do something new in Vista? Isn't it just for so called deleting files?'.

It took at least 6 seconds to delete (move to trash) 23kb file.

Well, it's good to know that some people are living healthier (lower blood pressure) just cause they are using Ubuntu (or any other Linux OS) -> link.

And, really, often I have to work on a Windows machine and every single time I start too many applications. I mean, come on, firefox, thunderbird, irssi, gaim, couple of terminals, xine movie and some music. This is easy and normal on Ubuntu. Is that really too much to ask on Windows? If I even try to do a half of this on Windows I'll get nervous (cause everything stales at random moments), or some apps won't even start. And everything is lagging. I mean, really slow... Doh... Windows users often look at me while working on Windows, and have some 'smart' comments like 'Let it boot. Wait, it's not booted yet.', 'Why are you moving windows so much?', 'Do one thing, than another...'.

Is it only me?