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13 July 2006

OpenSource in Croatian goverment?!

This was a bit of a shock for me. Yesterday there was a news on e-croatia.hr (no english :/) that our goverment accpeted policy of implementing OpenSource solutions in it's institutions. In a short introduction, it's obvious that they now what they are talking about. I guess they didn't do that document by them self :) After stating what are common problems with closed source programs and documents, text clearly stats goverment's decisions:
- as much it is possible, goverment's institutions will develop and choose open source solutions over closed source
- goverment will support localisation of programs and solutions, and it will support development of closed source solutions which use open protocol and formats, and which are developed in Croatia
- goverment will support use of open source programs, protocols and formats outside of it's institutions; in economy and public relations
- goverment will support use of open source solutions in educational institutions; both closed and open source solutions will be eaquly presented to students

As stated in document, this is part od eCroatia 2007 project which should go in same direction as EU's i2010.

Well, it looks nice, very nice. Let's see how this will go on...