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30 October 2006

Budapest revisited

Big weekend is behind me. I was at two conferences and two exams in only 6 days. Exams went well and both conferences were great. Last objective in this week was conference in Budapest. Many years have passed since last time I was in Budapest. I was surprised how beautiful that city is now.

I've met Szilveszter Farkas, Jani Monoses, Raphael Pinson and Gabor Suveg. First, I would like to thank Szilveszter for inviting me as a speaker and for great organization of the conference. Every single detail was done perfect. Only one thing wasn't perfect - my presentation :/ I guess this kind of week and illnes would crush everybody's plans :) I had great time hanging out with Raphael for last 3 days and Szilveszter as a guide for a Budapest tour.

Once again, thank you all and I hope to see you all again!