...advanced dreams

21 July 2006

Time for vacation! Joy!

Time to get in a car and drive 300km south to beautifull beaches and even more beautifull girl(s) :) Since my job doesn't understand idea of "unavailable", I got my self a Vodafone UMTS/GPRS card and CA-42 Nokia cable for my NOKIA 6020. That Vodafone card wasn't so good idea since it doesn't support EDGE, but my 6020 does :) HOWTO for CA-42 on Dapper would be plug and play, and for Vodafone card instructions can be found here [ubuntu-hr.org]. Downside is my Dell with 45min of autonomy. I don't think I'll ever buy Dell again :/ Hm, Thinkpad X60(s), with 10h battery support, hm :)

In other news, our Goverment decissions appeard on The Inquirer, and Dapper once more got champ attribute, this time over at eweek.com. Oh, and I've setup Xen on my Dapper. Some really slick and easy instructions can be found at HowToForge.

Well, that's it. Time to pack and move! Yeah!!!