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01 November 2006

AutoCAD replacement

One of the tools I *was* missing on Linux workstation is AutoCAD. I'm aware of lots of free CADs and non-free CADs, but to be honest, none of them kept me more than 2-3 hours of testing and frustration. Then, out of nowhere, BricsCAD show up. It's based on InteliCAD and it's a member of OpenDWG alliance.

Right, it's not free, but it does support Linux. Application runs trough wine, but new version, v7, is promised to run natively on Linux. So, if you need AutoCAD replacement for Linux, BricsCAD is right tool for you. It runs on Dapper (wine is needed), but on Edgy you need wine from Dapper version.

As I said, I'm aware it's non-free, but I need it to finish my study and it's cheap. Look at the bright side; it uses open file format and when open source CAD replacement is created, I'll be able to switch :) Another thing is; I no longer have any need to use Windows. Everything I need can be provided by OpenSource community and this little non-free ISV :)